Wednesday, September 17, 2008

03World Effective Safe Portion Control for Healthy Weight-Loss

My husband has lost 5 pounds in 5 days by taking one pill before dinner. With no conscious effort, he also is eating slower and taking time to relax and enjoy his meals. (Don't tell him I noticed) He's slowing down because he's feeling satisfied before he starts eating.

I have been taking one pill once or twice a day and I have lost 6 pounds. By eating less I'm digesting my food better. I have observed that when you eat less; you digest your food better and there's less inflamation in your body. Because undigested food is stored as toxic waste in your tissues and proteins will pull extra fluid to them this causes inflammation.

Have you ever wanted to help a loved one make changes in their eating habits but didn't know how? FORM helps by filling up in the stomach so the brain stops hunger signals quicker and you and your loved one eat less.

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